Folding fabric before wrapping or stitching has been a large part of my shibori dyeing.

It is only natural that I would become fascinated with Itajime clamp resist.

Now I have a new DVD on both traditional and contemporary variations of Itajime.

DISC ONE features a look at traditional Japanese itajime. Working with kimono width cloth (about 14”), the fabric is folded into square, rectangular, or triangular bundles which are clamped with rectangular, square, or triangle blocks.

Even with these constraints the possibilities are endless!

Chapter 2 focuses on unusual ways of folding and a variety of shaped blocks.

Experimentation is encouraged.

DISC TWO gives instruction on resist scouring organzas using clamping to create areas of soft lustrous silk juxtaposed with the crisp areas stiff with sericin..

I demonstrate the use of thickened Fiber Reactive dye which takes very differently on the scoured/ non scoured areas.. One can achieve bright reds and dark grey with one dye paste.

Disc two concludes with an introduction to Kyokechi, carve clamp resist.

Historical examples are shown along with a contemporary approach using CNC (computer numerically controlled) routing to create carved blocks. This is an area for much exploration!

ARASHI SHIBORI: THE LANGUAGE OF STRIPES offers a complete course on arashi shibori pole wrapping to create patterned and pleated fabrics.

This fascinating process can be quick and easy, or developed to make complex layered designs.Vintage arashi fabrics are featured as well as the artist’s own work.

Disc One includes: pushing tubes and wrapping cloth with string to create horizontal and diagonal lines, re-wrapping to develop criss-crossed patterns. Instruction is included on adding a twist while pushing to create small patterns.

Disc Two shows fantastic vintage arashi patterns, and gives instruction on wrapping several times to achieve the net pattern, and other more advanced techniques.

STITCH RESIST RECONSIDERED is a course on traditional stitch resist basics and experimental use of a sewing machine and smocking pleater to create patterns and textures.

Disc One includes: Japanese hand stitched patterns with many variations. Vintage Japanese shibori is shown including similar techniques from China and Africa. There are comparisons of working on sheers, wool felt, and resist scouring of sericin from silk organzas.

Disc Two begins with a discussion of Katano hand stitched shibori through accordion pleated fabric, and continues with the use of a sewing machine to sew through folds and layers. The DVD concludes with using a smocking pleater tool to facilitate stitching, creating a series of squares for piecing, modular pleated shapes, and textured scarves.

Payment Information:

All DVDs are 2 ½ hrs on 2 discs
Arashi and Stitch are $48
Itajime Shibori is $52

All three together are discounted to $140

Please add $5 shipping and handling,
or $12 shipping for international
California residents add 9.5% tax

Available in Great Britain: www.rainbowsilks.co.uk
Available in Australia: silksational.com.au
Available in Europe: www.zijdelings.com  and smend.de